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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tampon Confessions

Today Hamster and I went shopping. School clothes, tampons, and a gum ball machine. I also got a black silk ,knee length jacket with beautiful pink and rose colored flowers embroidered on it. I need a place to wear it-who wants to go out Saturday night to the city?
Check the flickr badge cuz' I've finally downloaded new pictures.

Confessions of the day:

My house is filthy. I haven't really touched it since I've been back and don't intend to until the mood strikes me.

My kid is spoiled. Today a gumball machine. He actually bought it with his allowance money but still....we just got back from yet another vacation at grandmas. Need to explain more?
I let him watch Spy Kids I and II.

I ate In-and-Out burger for lunch.

I laid down for a short nap or as my Dad calls it -Reflecting.

I looked at and thought about buying a $300 purse.

Hamster tested some make-up at Target and I just put it back. Don't buy the stick concealer from Loreal in buff beige.

It's 4:39 and I just made iced coffee.


Blogger Mary Tsao said...

You and I need to go shopping together to lust after $300 purses.

11:42 PM  

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