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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tampon Confessions

Today Hamster and I went shopping. School clothes, tampons, and a gum ball machine. I also got a black silk ,knee length jacket with beautiful pink and rose colored flowers embroidered on it. I need a place to wear it-who wants to go out Saturday night to the city?
Check the flickr badge cuz' I've finally downloaded new pictures.

Confessions of the day:

My house is filthy. I haven't really touched it since I've been back and don't intend to until the mood strikes me.

My kid is spoiled. Today a gumball machine. He actually bought it with his allowance money but still....we just got back from yet another vacation at grandmas. Need to explain more?
I let him watch Spy Kids I and II.

I ate In-and-Out burger for lunch.

I laid down for a short nap or as my Dad calls it -Reflecting.

I looked at and thought about buying a $300 purse.

Hamster tested some make-up at Target and I just put it back. Don't buy the stick concealer from Loreal in buff beige.

It's 4:39 and I just made iced coffee.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Family Farm

I've been back from the Family Farm for almost a week and just now found time to post. Never fear--- I'm getting my very own notebook that can travel with me from now on.

Hamster got sick within a few days of being there. I finally had to take him to the ER at 3 in the morning gasping for breath. Before the doctor even looked at him they gave him a neb treatment. So when the jerk doctor came and listened to his lungs AFTER the treatment he said his lung were clear and the cough sounded like croup. He's 6! Although there are cases of older children getting croup it's mostly in 3 or younger. I also stated this was Hamster's "typical" cough and not croup. After spending 4 minutes with us he gave us a RX for steroids. I didn't go to medical school but I thought there wasn't a medicine for croup. Dumb ass.

The day before we left we tried the twin peaks natural healer. His assistant is my mom's friend so we thought we would give it a try. Dr. Phil-yes that's his name lives in a Morten building in a small town. It's not really a town just a cluster of homes that once was a town. The building was full of dust, herbs, stacks of crap, paperwork and clutter beyond your wildest dreams. It would not have surprised me to see frog brains in jars and smoking test tubes. Out comes Dr. Phil in torn overalls, dirty and a toothy smile. He was jovial and I was trying to keep an open mind. I had my mom there and trusted her instincts. I also have learned enough life lessons not to judge a book by it's cover, judge people on how they look or judge health on mainstream ways.

He sat Hamster down to this electrical machine that had dials, wires and knobs. He proceeded to use this instrument that resembled a wood burner. You know the thing you etch wood with. Anyway, every time he would touch another finger joint the machine made a higher or lower pitched noise. Then to "balance his energy" Hamster held 2 metal cylinders while the machine went through another round of high and low pitched frequency noise. If my mom wasn't there or if his asst. Wasn't so normal looking I would have been long gone. Evidently he "cured" his assistants cancerous lymph nodes.
He handed me some familiar herbs, said his bronchial tubes were inflamed and his gut wasn't digesting protein properly. He also handed me some drops called Swamp Banksia to drop on his limbs and rub in.

My mom and I came home and quitey looked at each other -- I was thinking what was that?
I also thought about how desperate I was to make Hamster better, Badger's ordeal with Moomin in the hospital, and mothers in desperate situations all around the world regarding their children. I thought about how different one acts when one is desperate. I remember our sweet Vanna kitty when I first met her,homeless, hungry, pregnant and very skittish. How different from her true nature now that she is fed and loved and taken care of. The urban grit of the cities homeless isn't so scary to me anymore.

That's enough for now.....more Family Farm stories soon. Goodnight sweet friends.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Off to the Midwest for 2 1/2 weeks....
Oh sure Marge, you betcha.