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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Taking the 5 to friends and family

It's been awhile.....

Hamster and I had a great time in LA. The drive down was uneventful, the 5 is fast but oh so boring. Hamster made a new friend from England, we went to the zoo, swam and to the park. The boys got along great. It was hot, so hot that it reminded me of summers in Austin. When I got back home to a cool 72 degrees I danced! I love this climate it almost makes up for the outrageous house prices...almost. Liz, of course, was most helpful fielding braniac questions and the endless listening that a 6 year old requires. Hamster learned to tie his shoes while we were there! So she sat through that several times.

After 3 days at Liz's with no Argonauts Ham and I went to the neighborhood Best Western. All was well until my car decided to engage the alarm system. Tis happened once before in the Grand Canyon were Biscuit McGuyvered a battery. This time the mechanic across the street disarmed the alarm system becasue his cousin used to steal cars. Nice. I didn't ask any questions and gave him 20 bucks and hug. I think I really freaked him out with the hug.

Friday morning we were off to Lin's for lunch. I was bit anxious because of the car thing and only meeting her once at Wolfcamp. All of which vanished after settling into her serene home. We had a wonderful lunch , a refreshing swim in the pool and great conversations. Her hubby was so sweet to Hamster. I was trying to avoid traffic so we left way to soon. I could have spent hours chatting.

Late that afternoon we arrived at my aunt's house. Our last stop before home. We had a great time and lazed by the pool all day Saturday. It was so relaxing. She is so sweet. I saw into my future....she has a teenage son. He had a whole gaggle of friends hanging out, eating junk food and swimming. In and out all day and night long. Crazy. I think it's comforting for her to know where he is and she's the "cool" mom for giving the wayward teens a place to hang. But dang it's chaotic.

We took the 5 again and arrived home Sunday afternoon to a much refreshed Biscuit. He had an entire week of the house to himself and it does the body(soul) good.


Blogger Lin said...

Glad to see you arrived home safely! It was so much fun seeing you and meeting your sweet boy.

1:13 PM  

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