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Monday, June 05, 2006

if I seem scattered

Well folks......I've been feeling off when I wanna be on. I've been up since 5:30 AM!

Hamster's school had there big fundraising faire on Sunday which I volunteered for. Next year I'm the "chairperson" for the craft booth. It was fun and I enjoyed the atmosphere, after all I have carnie blood, but it was a long hot day. My new friend, who is my mom's age,is going to help me next year and we have some great ideas for future crafts!

The last 2 weekends before that we camped. Last weekend we went up by Eureka and camped out on our friends organic, apple tree farm. It was amazing! It is tucked into a brilliant canyon which has a year around creek in it, 2 orchards with wild flowers and 13 other acres to roam your little heart out. Pictures will be on Flickr soon.

This week is crazy:

Tues night I'm giving H's teacher a massage in exchange for babysitting. The 1st sitter I called which was a referral from a friend wanted $17 hour! GASP! I was grateful for the referral but there is no way we can afford to pay for a sitter at that price, go out to dinner and or a movie. Geesh!

Because of the above the guys will be responsible for making the cupcakes to take to school on Wednesday. Hamster turns 6!!!!!!!!!

PTA meeting, therapy appt and planning a 6th birthday party is added to this craziness this week.

Mix this with some heavy emotional gigs----Hamster told me last night that he needed a baby brother or sister to play with because kids would make fun of him is he played with his mom.
I felt his baby teeth to see if any were loose.
He put on another long sleeve shirt he had grown out of with his forearms sticking out.
He read the nighttime books to me not the other way around.
boo hoo- he's growing up to fast!!!!!!

The guys are up and so my job is calling.....


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