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Monday, June 19, 2006


My car went to the repair shop so Hamster and I stayed home. We sorted toys and renegotiated space-an act of moving crap from one area or plastic bin to another area or a plastic bin of a different size.

We are decompressing, getting ready for summer. Next Monday Hamster and I head out for our 1st roadtrip in CA! Wahoo! We are going to LA to visit friends and family.

I plopped the wee one in front of the telly way to much today. Mommy guilt.

wait....I spent 3 hours sorting toys, prepared 1 lunch and 2 snacks, and entered the craft zone to make birthday cards.

What's for dinner Melma?



Blogger julita said...

Yeah for summer vacation!!! Beginning to think I should have taken the summer off so I could have one too; oh well!

Hey, did you two get your birthday presents? (I forgot to get mail confirmation and I wanted to make sure!)

8:02 PM  

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