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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Gender role cat cooking stir fry.

This morning the family went to see Lifabulous' new cat at the Meet & Greet Brunch for Monarch. Pictures will be up soon.

Hamster and I went to see Hoot a little movie about how some kids saved the owls from the nasty big wigs at a corporation!!!! Yeah the kids did it !!!! Saving mother earth! !!!!
BUT.....the mean kid who beat the main character up was abundant and dumb.

I don't know how I feel about that.

I started thinking about other kid movies and books that portray the "bad kid" as "fat and dumb" I've lived several years thinking I wasn't smart BECAUSE I was large. Mmmmm I think I just figured out where I got that from.

At sunset we rode bikes up to the neighborhood park. Bisc just got a new one- ooh la la.
We finally all have bikes.
It might just be the next sport for our quest to get fit!

There was some sporto dad with his 2-ish daughter clutching princess' at the top of the jungle rope while Hamster and I kicked around a football he had found. Of course I adore my child, and I would never change a thing but both of us looked at each other second.

What if?

I then tried to be the slick sporto mom teaching Hamster to put is fingers on the white lace part to get a better grip. Or to keep his eye on the ball while he dropped it to kick. His foot would know where to go.

What's for dinner Melma?

broccoli, carrot, chick pea stir fry. With some pot stickers thrown in almost to late.

The last of the white rice.

Sesame Ginger Soy, Thai Peanut, or hot chili------- sauce choice.

Milk, Pelligrino, hot tea Guess who had what??? ha ha

I chased all of this with an iced ginger & honey tea to aid digestion. yummy.


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