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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Mom, Nurse J, Martha , and a few tips in Real Simple are my cleaning Gurus. They have taught me the short cuts, preferred cleaning supplies, and helpful hints I have used over the last several years. I have fine tuned their ideas, out of necessity, after having Hamster to keep from going mad. It takes an incredible amount of organization to keep the house and our lives running smoothly and spiritual.

I have been on a cleaning frenzy lately. Today I cleaned our bedroom and bathroom. I absolutely love the feeling of a clean room, especially the bed and bath. It makes me want to have a bath using yummy smelling bubbles , climb into fresh sheets and grab a good book. What a lovely thought. Mmmmm......

I'm also settling in more as I clean. I put up a hippie scarf on the closet window , our beloved babysitter gave me several years ago. It feels more and more like home these days. I also cleaned out back and set up Hamster's tent. It's a really small backyard but we made the best of it. We also have the camp chairs set up.

What's for dinner Melma?

Chicken Cutlets

Mixed Green Salad

Steamed Asparagus from my neighbor


Anonymous badgermama said...

NO way! did you make them? were t hey yummy???

10:18 AM  

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