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Monday, May 15, 2006

Caulder's Cruz

Well, hello there. Guru Soul Sister has been in town and I haven't made the time to blog. Now it's Monday and things are getting back to normal. Whenever someone visits I seem to go on vacation too.

Friday we took the BART into the city to visit the Museum of Modern Art. It was amazing!!!! What a cultural day. I LOVE doing stuff like that. Caulder's work is on display right now. Some of you might be thinking who is that.....but you do know him you just don't realize it. He did that modern mobile thing with weird teardrop shapes.

Saturday Soul Sister wanted a trip to Santa Cruz. We left mid-morning and didn't return until 11pm!!!!! Santa Cruz is hippie and surfer central. Two of my favorites things.

We shopped:
1 pair of Smartwool adrenaline socks
1 pair of Frida Kahlo socks for mom
1 pair of exiquisite peek-a-boo toe shoes in cherry red that I put back. Sigh. They were after all $200 which might be fine for everyday practical shoes,but not for going out once a month shoes
A new bag!!!!!! Chocolate brown and light purple, outdoorsy, practical and oh so camper hip!

We drove to Capitola for dinner at a Mexican seafood (also 2 of my favorite things) joint called
Margaritaville. Really groovy mermaid motif and several girls gussied up for prom.

For Mothers Day's we went swimming at PJCC then back home for some Mediterranean food.

What's for dinner Melma?

Turkey patty- ground turkey, zucchini, carrots, red onion cut up really small and saute' in olive oil all mixed with Heinz 57 sauce

corn on the cob

Later Friends....


Blogger Kristie Wells said...

MOMA is great. We bought the DeYoung membership this year, but I need to renew my membership for MOMA as they always have great collections.

Capitola is one of my most favorite places on earth. And Margaritaville? Yeah, I have thrown back a few in that spot - think I might even have my name etched on one of the bar countertops there.

Zelda's right down the street usually has great music and the bartender makes a mean lemon drop.

5:47 PM  

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