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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


wonderful Target experience -- wish my homies were with me
Indian lunch buffet with hubby
animal planet TV viewing with Hamster
laundry, dishes and relentless picking up

Later we are off to Hamster's Spring Concert- 1st one ever! He's so excited because he gets to be "on stage and mom you & dad will be in the audience!" I remember how thrilling it was for me. One year when were practicing , I was about 8 or 9, Charles passed out. He was a bigger kid that was on the top tier and he got too hot because he was near the stage lights. There was a fury of changing the plans so it wouldn't happen the night of the show.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Cali's largest state park
frantically setting up tent
& campsite
oh the view
I forgot: condiments, snacks and a few other items
raccoon rasslin'- where one attempts to scare off creature with loud noise
or banging of whatever is handy
Hamster performed his first raccoon rasslin'
really funny when immediately following your raccoon rasslin' you hear the next campsite down raccoon rasslin'

long hike in open fields mixed with lush trees by creek valley
observing gophers grabbing grass for their nest then precisely covering their hole with loose dirt

long family nap in the heat of the day

great fire
falling asleep to rain
peeing in the rain
waking to rain
all of the family snuggy in the tent
drifting in and out of sleep

packing up in pajamas

home to a shower

How was your weekend?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Caulder's Cruz

Well, hello there. Guru Soul Sister has been in town and I haven't made the time to blog. Now it's Monday and things are getting back to normal. Whenever someone visits I seem to go on vacation too.

Friday we took the BART into the city to visit the Museum of Modern Art. It was amazing!!!! What a cultural day. I LOVE doing stuff like that. Caulder's work is on display right now. Some of you might be thinking who is that.....but you do know him you just don't realize it. He did that modern mobile thing with weird teardrop shapes.

Saturday Soul Sister wanted a trip to Santa Cruz. We left mid-morning and didn't return until 11pm!!!!! Santa Cruz is hippie and surfer central. Two of my favorites things.

We shopped:
1 pair of Smartwool adrenaline socks
1 pair of Frida Kahlo socks for mom
1 pair of exiquisite peek-a-boo toe shoes in cherry red that I put back. Sigh. They were after all $200 which might be fine for everyday practical shoes,but not for going out once a month shoes
A new bag!!!!!! Chocolate brown and light purple, outdoorsy, practical and oh so camper hip!

We drove to Capitola for dinner at a Mexican seafood (also 2 of my favorite things) joint called
Margaritaville. Really groovy mermaid motif and several girls gussied up for prom.

For Mothers Day's we went swimming at PJCC then back home for some Mediterranean food.

What's for dinner Melma?

Turkey patty- ground turkey, zucchini, carrots, red onion cut up really small and saute' in olive oil all mixed with Heinz 57 sauce

corn on the cob

Later Friends....

Thursday, May 11, 2006

What's for dinner Melma?

Guru Soul Sister is here and cooking a mish mash. Which means a little bit of whatever needs to be used.

Roasted Red Peppers

Steamed Brocolini

Cottage Cheese

Grape Tomatoes

Sparkling Water

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Gender role cat cooking stir fry.

This morning the family went to see Lifabulous' new cat at the Meet & Greet Brunch for Monarch. Pictures will be up soon.

Hamster and I went to see Hoot a little movie about how some kids saved the owls from the nasty big wigs at a corporation!!!! Yeah the kids did it !!!! Saving mother earth! !!!!
BUT.....the mean kid who beat the main character up was abundant and dumb.

I don't know how I feel about that.

I started thinking about other kid movies and books that portray the "bad kid" as "fat and dumb" I've lived several years thinking I wasn't smart BECAUSE I was large. Mmmmm I think I just figured out where I got that from.

At sunset we rode bikes up to the neighborhood park. Bisc just got a new one- ooh la la.
We finally all have bikes.
It might just be the next sport for our quest to get fit!

There was some sporto dad with his 2-ish daughter clutching princess' at the top of the jungle rope while Hamster and I kicked around a football he had found. Of course I adore my child, and I would never change a thing but both of us looked at each other second.

What if?

I then tried to be the slick sporto mom teaching Hamster to put is fingers on the white lace part to get a better grip. Or to keep his eye on the ball while he dropped it to kick. His foot would know where to go.

What's for dinner Melma?

broccoli, carrot, chick pea stir fry. With some pot stickers thrown in almost to late.

The last of the white rice.

Sesame Ginger Soy, Thai Peanut, or hot chili------- sauce choice.

Milk, Pelligrino, hot tea Guess who had what??? ha ha

I chased all of this with an iced ginger & honey tea to aid digestion. yummy.

Friday, May 05, 2006

What's for dinner Melma?

Fish Sticks from Costco which are more like 2x2. They are surprisingly tasty and more like fish fingers from the old country- per Biscuit
Frozen Roasted Vegtables from Trader Joes
Organic Salad Mix from Costco

I wish I could say I was a gourmet cook every night but I'm not. Tonight I'm doing what's easy. It's one of those kind of days.

Let me just say- I LOVE THE WEATHER HERE!!!!!!!!! In Texas the days would be getting hotter and hotter with less and less relief at night. But not here, it stays perfect. Actually today was a bit overcast until now which is fine with me. A cool breeze is blowing and I'm just happy- so happy with the weather!!!!

TGIF to ya'll

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Mom, Nurse J, Martha , and a few tips in Real Simple are my cleaning Gurus. They have taught me the short cuts, preferred cleaning supplies, and helpful hints I have used over the last several years. I have fine tuned their ideas, out of necessity, after having Hamster to keep from going mad. It takes an incredible amount of organization to keep the house and our lives running smoothly and spiritual.

I have been on a cleaning frenzy lately. Today I cleaned our bedroom and bathroom. I absolutely love the feeling of a clean room, especially the bed and bath. It makes me want to have a bath using yummy smelling bubbles , climb into fresh sheets and grab a good book. What a lovely thought. Mmmmm......

I'm also settling in more as I clean. I put up a hippie scarf on the closet window , our beloved babysitter gave me several years ago. It feels more and more like home these days. I also cleaned out back and set up Hamster's tent. It's a really small backyard but we made the best of it. We also have the camp chairs set up.

What's for dinner Melma?

Chicken Cutlets

Mixed Green Salad

Steamed Asparagus from my neighbor