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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Playing School

For the last two days Hamster and I have been playing school. This was one of my favorite childhood games. I would spend hours setting up a schedule, creating "work" to do and teaching the lesson. It was enhanced by 2 very special items 1. old worksheets in that purple color(remember that?) from my beloved grandmother who was a teacher 2. A teachers lesson plan notebook that I bought at an office supply store (which I still have in my memeory box). I've tried doing lots of writing, because I feel Hamster needs improving in that area. Alas, just like his dad he wants to do math. We counted by 2's glueing popcorn kernals on paper.

I also menu planned for the holiday weekend, shopped at Costco and Safeway-ugh! I hate shopping. Now I'm cooking chili and corn bread, while listening to KGSR from Austin. Hamster helped with the corn bread and Lifabulous is coming over to eat and pick up the tax CD. Have you done your taxes?


Blogger Daisy said...

ugh, taxes. I'm mostly done - I've printed them out, and just need to proof them. Sadness.

When I moved away from Austin the first time, you couldn't stream radio yet, so I got my fix by reading the Austin Chronicle which my lovely friend Lisa (www.barlyru.blogspot.com) mailed to me each week.

6:23 AM  
Anonymous badgermama said...

I did mine in February! wooo!

are we on for next Tuesday?

9:09 AM  

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