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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hamster at the cottage

Hamster at the cottage
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This weekend we went to Mar Vista cottages. Biscuit's mentor parents were here and we wanted to take them someplace special. I highly recommend this place for a romantic get away or a family adventure. The cottages were built in the 1930's. The 9 acres the 12 cottages sit on have a pond, chickens, two goats, bunnies and an organic garden you can forage in. Rena the owner and caretaker is sweet as pie and was very patient with Hamster. She introduced Hamster to Luis, the grounds keeper, who let him gather eggs, feed the goats and play with the bunnies!!!
The hubby and I got into a huge fight and father-in-law was not feeling all that well it was still very magical for me and Hamster.


Blogger Kristie Wells said...

I love this photo. Beautiful.

7:39 PM  

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