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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fancy Feet

April 018
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This weekend was lovely. Friday night Hamster had a sleepover and I had the house to myself. I'm still in a funk so Saturday I read all day in bed. This book was fantastic. It's about Ruth Harkness the first person to bring a panda to the US in the 1930's. She was a socialite but then would go on these adventures to China. Living in the wild hunting pandas. I guess I can relate to her duality of living her life because one minute I want to shop for new shoes and the next I want to camp in a hut on the beach.

Saturday night I drove to Oakland to stay with Lifabulous and go see Mandonna. The all boy tribute band to Madonna. Really great/silly/creative show. It's wasn't to crowded and I found a drink I could cope with. I have a lot of vices but alcohol isn't one of them. I never get gussied up and I love my feet. It's one part of my body I REALLY like. Even tho' I was driving Lifabulous nuts with all the pictures I think this one turned out great.
Sunday was a great loungy day. Out to breakfest, shoe shopping and then back to read, hang out and watch mindless TV. Ahhh back home at 9:30 pm


Anonymous badgermama said...

Wow that show sounds great.. and I love the photo of your shoes and fancy toenails!!!

2:53 PM  

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