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Sunday, April 30, 2006

and the seasons go 'round and 'round...

We are experiencing a change in season. It's sunny,bright and warm here while the coast and city are shrouded in fog. I have a sense of renewal or rebirth in the area since I'm seeing it in a whole new light. It's not miserably hot, the shade offers comfort and the nights are still cool. I am SO getting used to this.

This week seemed busy. Thursday was take your kid to work day, Hamster came back with a backpack full of nifty gifts, my favortite being the scented erasers. Bisc's friend was in town so we went out for Indian food which I 'm really starting to like. Friday B had to work so I took "the friend" out to the proverbial Half Moon Bay. I always take guests out there. It's scenic and short , you get to see the ocean and there is decent grub. Friday the lads went for a pub crawl while I stayed with the wee one. Then Saturday the lads were off to the city for some big time adventure. Meanwhile , I stayed at the homestead because Hamster had a sleep-over guest.

I'm writing goofy, I'm tired.....

What's for dinner Melma?

Guru Soul Sister's Spinach Orzo Salad
-fresh/organic big leaf spinach
-toasted pine nuts
-kalamatta olives (sp?)
-fresh mozzarella
-Parmesan cheese
-olive oil
-balsamic vinegar

bread-crusty chibatta (sp?)


water/milk/tea--Guess who had what???/ tee hee

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Some random thoughts because I feel the need to post. I received a wonderfully supportive email from my aunt in corn country and spoke to a few friends over the weekend that they really did read this. I feel so loved! Speaking of love, I went to the most wonderful wedding over the weekend. It was at Aslimor which is between Monterey and Carmel. Another beautiful CA destination just a few hours from here. Biscuit and Hamster were unable to attend so I got an indulgent night by myself. I had a really nice time seeing the love birds and catching up with my dear friend KK. Then Sunday morning I went down to the beach and spent an hour and half walking, sitting, and reflecting on my life. Being-- it does the body good.

Can I just tell you how much I love my kid? He is so dang cute right now. He has started reading, bedtime is no longer me reading scientific fact books about which clouds are which , but him stumbling along reading The Giving Tree. He also started using adult slang which sounds something like this:

"That was a really good book, I say" Where did he get that? I say???? funny
"Mom, does this shirt look cool?"
"Well.....that's not right, but you did your best mom" After I handed him a Transformer I couldn't transform

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Melma. It's her special day!!! I'm so glad she was born.
1. She's a great listener
2. I used to show up at her house in pj's and hang out for hours.
3. She is no nonsense and tells you like it is.
4. She taught me not to sweat the small stuff
5. She's funny.
6. And beautiful-inside and out
7. Has 2 great kids.
8. Loves me and my quirkyness.
9. Like when I ask what's for dinner, where did she get the recipe , where did she shop, what plates is she using, does the whole family like it???? etc... etc... I actually ask everyone this in hopes of getting new ideas.

So in honor of her I going to start MELMA'S DINNER. I'll do a little ditty about what I had for dinner at the end of each blog. So now I ask you- What's for dinner?

Melma's Dinner:

Brushetta, my version: Tomatoes with the gross seeds and juice washed out, fresh basil, garlic-sometimes roasted but not tonight , salt and pepper. Mixed up and put on sliced baguette with a hunk of fresh mozzarella on top. Broil to bubbly hot.

Asparagus, from my neighbor: tonight I flash fried it then steamed it the last few moments. Not as healthy as steaming but oh so good.

Pink Lady apple slices

1% milk

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


OOh my blog has bright shiny new gizmos. I'm so excited. Badger came to the rescue and helped with some link love. I wrote code for the first time, it's only html but still--how exciting. Now ya'll can click on some of my blog friends and see just how nifty this can be. Moomin and Hamster had a great playdate once again. They are so well suited for each other, which brings joy to my heart after leaving some great friends in Austin. Both have wild imagination and great manners which makes for a good playdate.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

You are my sunshine

Yeah, the sun is out! Hamster and I played at the park for 3 hours! He climbed trees, made a "river" in the sand box and played lightsabres with several kids. He is now in the bath and we are having a friend over for a craft playdate. More Easter crafts to hang around. My neighbor told me that of the last 46 days 41 have been cloudy and rainy. So today we celebrate the sun. I was begining to doubt the Bay Area's claim to fame for having a great climate. WAHOO!!!! Honk if you love the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Playing School

For the last two days Hamster and I have been playing school. This was one of my favorite childhood games. I would spend hours setting up a schedule, creating "work" to do and teaching the lesson. It was enhanced by 2 very special items 1. old worksheets in that purple color(remember that?) from my beloved grandmother who was a teacher 2. A teachers lesson plan notebook that I bought at an office supply store (which I still have in my memeory box). I've tried doing lots of writing, because I feel Hamster needs improving in that area. Alas, just like his dad he wants to do math. We counted by 2's glueing popcorn kernals on paper.

I also menu planned for the holiday weekend, shopped at Costco and Safeway-ugh! I hate shopping. Now I'm cooking chili and corn bread, while listening to KGSR from Austin. Hamster helped with the corn bread and Lifabulous is coming over to eat and pick up the tax CD. Have you done your taxes?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fancy Feet

April 018
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This weekend was lovely. Friday night Hamster had a sleepover and I had the house to myself. I'm still in a funk so Saturday I read all day in bed. This book was fantastic. It's about Ruth Harkness the first person to bring a panda to the US in the 1930's. She was a socialite but then would go on these adventures to China. Living in the wild hunting pandas. I guess I can relate to her duality of living her life because one minute I want to shop for new shoes and the next I want to camp in a hut on the beach.

Saturday night I drove to Oakland to stay with Lifabulous and go see Mandonna. The all boy tribute band to Madonna. Really great/silly/creative show. It's wasn't to crowded and I found a drink I could cope with. I have a lot of vices but alcohol isn't one of them. I never get gussied up and I love my feet. It's one part of my body I REALLY like. Even tho' I was driving Lifabulous nuts with all the pictures I think this one turned out great.
Sunday was a great loungy day. Out to breakfest, shoe shopping and then back to read, hang out and watch mindless TV. Ahhh back home at 9:30 pm

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hamster at the cottage

Hamster at the cottage
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This weekend we went to Mar Vista cottages. Biscuit's mentor parents were here and we wanted to take them someplace special. I highly recommend this place for a romantic get away or a family adventure. The cottages were built in the 1930's. The 9 acres the 12 cottages sit on have a pond, chickens, two goats, bunnies and an organic garden you can forage in. Rena the owner and caretaker is sweet as pie and was very patient with Hamster. She introduced Hamster to Luis, the grounds keeper, who let him gather eggs, feed the goats and play with the bunnies!!!
The hubby and I got into a huge fight and father-in-law was not feeling all that well it was still very magical for me and Hamster.