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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Today I:

Got out of bed at --oofta 5:30 AM! to shop the farmers market in SF.
Purple cabbage
Pomelleos (sp?)
Asparagus (which I have convinced Hamster to eat by pretending they are trees and cutting down, later realizing this does not support my enviromental passion of saving the forest. So changed it to>>It makes your pee a fun color)
Honey candles for a gift
Curry dip
Spinach bread
Butter Lettace
Romaine lettace
Cilantro pesto paste
Gerber daisy
Pussy willows 8 feet tall a sassy for Hamster
Pastry and organic coffee

Home to Hamster
veggin' with the TV and book
To the park to play basketball
Back home to sleep, nah -made puppets, put on puppet show for the cats
Attached mop heads to Hamsters feet to dust the floor! Clever mommy.
Now I'm passing the time before I pick up my little brother at the airport in San Jose ( why the fuck doesn't Southwest fly into SFO!)

All this, after a week from hell. I was reminded that I really did marry Archie Bunker in 1872 from the old country. Oh how I would love to sic (sp?) (my spell check comes up with a pop up blocker )(So I will continue to misspell and put annoying(sp?) shit in quotes) all the femminists I have recently met on him. GRrrrr.


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