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Monday, March 27, 2006

Love Fest 1999

Love Fest 1999
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7 years today!!!!! Some of my favorite memories

11 family/friends staying at our house pre wedding. We had to have a schedule for showers posted to the bathroom door. Some of which overlapped and we all made jokes like "I can't go pick up so and so from the airport because I need to shower in 20 minutes"

Mum (Biscuits mom) hand washing her knickers (underwear) and hanging them out to dry on the bush by the front door.

We also had a schedule for cooking dinner and we scheduled his sister to cook on the day she was arriving from Scotland.

There was a bullatin board with all numbers and info on it. Sometimes someone would ask and there would be 1/2 dozen people yelling "Check the board!"

My mom and I planted Jasmine in our front flower bed which continued to grow along with are marriage.

My step mom collected, dried and made the pot-porrri things you throw at the bride and groom!

My uncle who is my god parent, mentor and beloved friend got his "right to marry" over the internet for $5.

There was a 90% chance of rain for the day and it held off until the very end when we ran for the limo.

Everyone dancing kalligh (sp?)which is Scottish country dancing and laughing because none of us knew what we were doing even after the dance lessons.

B and I walking through the sculpture garden by ourselves right after the ceromony to appreciate the moment, then walking back to all our friends and family talking and having a good time...


Anonymous Carlos said...

Don't forget me missing the rehearsal dinner because I was watching Dolly Parton on the Regis & Kathy Lee Show at the airport and missed my connecting flight to Austin!!........ZOINKS?!?!?!? CONGRATS TO YOU AND BRIAN!! I was sooo proud to be part of your wedding! Good times!! KISS! Carlos

10:08 AM  

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