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Thursday, February 23, 2006

In the forest

Today Hamster and I went for a hike in the forest and built a bug house. It consisted of gathered moss for the floor, sticks, leaves, 1 flower, and a nut shell for a bug bed. I wish I had the pictures but I'm still navigating flickr. I've been hesitant to write with out the tags.

Tags, tagging... are there other games you can play on blogs. Dodge ball, Red Rover oh I see an entire blog on this alone.

I'm back on the job search. Dang! it's hard after 6 years, being new to the career and the area. I hate this. I just want a job. It takes forever to research places and make sure there legit, change the cover letter to reflect the job and get them attached or printed out. I have the computer part almost down it's the constant interuptions from Hamster. He's out of school this week. I would like to see my husband do his job with constant interuptions and distractions.

We are off to Tahoe for the weekend. I've never been. It will be so much fun to play in the snow. Hamster added snowman stuff to the list hat, carrot, button eyes, and "those black things for his tummy"

Tonight I want to check my fellow Woolfcampers (there should be a tag here) and see
how their blogs have evolved since camp. For now I am off to pack, organize and try to de-plunk Hamish from the TV. He's been there over an hour.


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